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What are the prices?

The prices we charge are as follows:

  Standard Qulaity Premium Quality
Photos 7p 10p
Slides 35p 45p
Negatives 35p 45p

The prices above are charged per photo/slide/negative frame.

What is your address?

We are located at:

Poplars Farm, Shelfield, Alcester, Warwickshire,  B49 6JW

which is near Stratford-upon-avon.

Do I need Standard or Premium Quality?

We recommend Premium Quality because you then have the option to enlarge the photos or view them on large monitors/TV screens without any loss of quality.

If you have a budget, Standard Quality is for you. The images are good quality, viewable at the same size a little bigger than the original with no loss of quality.

Slides and negatives are very high quality once scanned, usually much higher quality than photos.

What size photos can you scan?

We can scan as small as 7x7cm and up to 30x21cm (A4 size).

What if I don’t know how many photos I have?

Guess! There are roughly 1000 photos in an average sized shoebox. If you guess too many or too little then this will be reflected in the final payment.

How long does it take?

We aim for a 3 day turnaround time, although larger orders or in busier periods we may take longer.

Can you put my photos into separate folders?

Please contact us for more details about this as we do not offer it as standard.

Can you scan my photos/slides/negatives in a particular order?

We scan in the order we receive them, please sort them before sending for a particular order of scanning.

Where can you deliver/pick-up from?

We can deliver and/or pick-up from UK mainland using UPS, UK highlands and islands customers please contact us before placing an order.

How should I prepare and send my belongings?

Package your photos securely in a sturdy box and send using a reputable courier, such as UPS or Parcel Force.

What resolution are my photos scanned at?

You can either have your photos scanned at 300dpi or 600dpi, depending on whether you select Standard or Premium quality. Standard quality is 300dpi, and Premium quality is 600dpi. Please see the 'Do I need Standard or Premium Quality?' FAQ if you are unsure which is for you.

Can you dispose of my old media after scanning?

No. We love slides, negatives and photos, and could not bring ourselves to getting rid of them. We send your originals back with a copy of the scans, once received you can do with them as you see fit.

Can you scan photos in albums and/or frames?

No. Our scanners are not capable of doing these, due to the way they work. If we have enough demand we may offer a service for them in the future.

What type of files do I get back?

We create one JPEG file per image; JPEG is the most widely used image file type.

What do the files come back on?

We return your scans on a DVD-R as standard; this works with computers (which have a disc drive) and most newer DVD players. When you receive the scans we recommend backing them up to your computer.

If your computer does not have a DVD drive, you can add a memory stick or external hard drive which has a USB input and should work with all computers, most electronic photo frames and most smart TVs with a USB port.

Will my belongings be safe?

We have not lost a single photo, slide or negative. We use tracked couriers for delivery and the optional pick-up, UPS to be exact. We keep you up to date with process tracking emails; from the moment we come into contact with your belongings, right back to your front door.

If you are sending your belongings yourself, please remember to use a reputable courier, such as UPS or Parcel Force.

Will my photos/slides/negatives be returned in the same order as I sent them?

We try our best to keep them in the same order, although we cannot make any promises due to the large quantity of images being scanned.

Do you crop and rotate my images?

Yes. All images are cropped and carefully rotated by a technician.

If my photos are curled/bent can you scan them?

If they are excessively curled or bent we are unable to scan the photos.

My slides are not mounted can you scan them?

Please contact us so that we can discuss this in more detail.

What is DPI?

DPI stands for dots per inch and is used to measure the scanning quality. 600dpi is usually the best scanning quality because if the dpi is any higher, the scan starts to show the grain.