Ordering photographs for scanning

The order that photos are scanned in is usually not very important, especially as most people will sort their digital images into a particular order on their computer instead. Although, if you do want to have your photos scanned in a particular order, here are a few ways it could be done:


Date - We think this is usually the best way for ordering photos, slides and negatives because it is very generic and can be great fun to scroll through old memories and seeing people getting younger as you go. It doesn’t really matter whether it is done in ascending or descending order but we would recommend ascending date (e.g. 1934 through to 2014) because the older memories are often that bit more special and doing it this way will mean you see them first.

Events - If, for whatever reason you don’t want to do date order, grouping photos into events such as weddings, birthdays, holidays e.t.c. can prove useful, such as if you are planning on searching by event for them on your computer or are planning to make a photo book of a particular event.

People - Most photos are of people although there could always be a separate folder for landscapes and other misc images. Ordering photos into groups for each person is great when you are creating photo books and slideshows to celebrate someone, whether it be a joyful birthday or a more sombre funeral.

Unique categories - everyone has had different life experiences, so everyone will have a different collection of photographs. If your life features travelling heavily then you might try and put your photos into an order that separates different significant areas you have travelled to, such as, France and Brazil as some of the categories for travelling.