Free Digital Image Organising Programs - Picasa, iPhoto and Windows Photo Gallery

What is the best program to store and organise all of your digital photos? Well, the good news is a program for doing this is probably already installed on your computer, but if your not sure what program would best suit your needs, then read our guide of the best programs out there.



Picasa is owned by Google and available on both Mac and Windows computers. The software has a large array of features and is very popular.

A useful feature on Picasa is their ‘Picasa Web Albums’ which gives you the ability to create and share albums for family and friends to see. Anyone with a Google account receives 1GB of free cloud storage in Picasa, and this can be increased to unlimited photo storage if you have a Google Plus account, which in my opinion is an great feature, especially if you want to view your photos over multiple devices.

Picasa is best for those using Mac and Windows or who want an alternative to the program pre-installed onto their computer. It is a particularly nice alternative to Windows Photo Gallery because of the cloud aspect.



iPhoto is an Apple program and is only available on Mac computers. It is my personal favourite because of the neat user interface and how easy it is to use

Every photo that you take on any of you apple device, as long as it has the latest software, will be uploaded automatically so that they can be viewed on your other devices. Also, it incorporates a very easy method of selecting photos and sharing them with whatever network you prefer or through iMessage and email.

The features are certainly some of the best of free software and you can even make photo books and other printed goods for a fee, which can come in very handy for a unique present.

If you use a Mac I would highly recommend you use if which is probably already installed onto your machine.


Windows Photo Gallery

As the name suggests, this only works on Windows computers. I have had no personal experience of this program although I have heard mixed reviews.

It has a good variety of image editing features, including ‘photo fuse’ which allows you to merge two photos that have been taken from the same vantage point. It also has a wide variety of slide show themes which is fun for when you want to display your photos when with family or friends.

Overall, I would recommend Picasa over Windows Photo Gallery if you have a Windows computer, however if the downloading and set up of Picasa is much of an inconvenience then Windows Photo Gallery is a very good alternative.